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Clark's Ag Center

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Turbotville, PA 17772

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About Us


Clark’s Ag Center has an extensive family history, which dates back to 1929.  Joseph Clark, the founder, built a two -story warehouse and began buying and selling farm products to the community.  Later on, a mill in Turbotville, Pennsylvania was bought and used to compliment the warehouse facility with local grain that is located in Shamokin, Pennsylvania.  The second part of the generation became involved in the business starting in the 1950’s.  William and Ned joined their father, Joseph, as partners after completing their education at Penn State University.

Soon after their partnership was formed, the business expanded into the Kosher Poultry market.  Local farmers from around the area were contracted to grow chickens, which were sold to markets in New York City.  Railroad sites at both locations were used to supply the mills with grain and protein needed to manufacture the feed.

In 1968, William and Ned changed the partnership to a corporation.  During the 1970’s, the two expanded the business and decided to open two retail stores in Shamokin and Turbotville, Pennsylvania.  The store that was located in Shamokin was a 1500 square foot facility and was managed by William Clark.  While the Shamokin store was in operation, the Turbotville facility was being built.  Ned and Marie Clark were the owners and at this time, they were concentrating on dairy, hogs, and the selling and buying of grain for the animals. The Shamokin store still focused their energy on poultry growing and feed manufacturing.  The corporations separated after an estate-planning consultant recommended the move in the late 1980’s.  Eventually, the success of the poultry business took William even further and he expanded the Shamokin facility by opening a retail store to increase profit.

William retired in 1994, bringing the third generation into the family business.  Kenneth A. Clark-President, Robert W. Clark- Secretary-Treasurer, and Sue Clark-Mansell- Vice President.  Additional business was acquired from Ned and Marie Clark after their retirement in 1996.  The retail store located on Route 54, Turbotville, was purchased and production from Turbotville was transferred to the mill in Shamokin thus closing the mill and store on 34 Main Street, Turbotville.

Kenneth and Linda Clark from Elysburg, Pennsylvania took over the retail store in Turbotville.  They finalized the purchase in 2006, which included the warehouse on 34 Main Street and the retail facility on Route 54.  To this day, the two corporations remain separated. However, Ken and Linda have expanded the retail store on Route 54 in Turbotville.  It is now known as an Ace Hardware and feed store.  The retail space is approximately 10,000 square feet and an additional 3,500 square feet for warehouse space.  The “old mill” is now being used as superfluous warehouse space and that is roughly 15,000 square feet.  Ken and Linda Clark are constantly altering their business to meet the needs of their customers and to ensure the satisfaction of their customers as well.

 Clark’s Ag Center has a wide variety of items with thousands to choose from.  With being an Ace Hardware affiliate, the store consists of a mixture of hardware, electrical, and plumbing products.  Clark’s Ag Center is your place to find animal supplies and feed for your needs.  We are a certified, Purina Dealer with competitive pricing on economic and premium feeds.  We offer discounted pricing when buying a large quantity of feed, which includes ten bags of feed or more on select varieties.   



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Chicks are arriving!

In-store Event
3/4/19 12:00am until 8/20/19 11:59pm
We hope you strut, strut, strut you way into our store to order your chicks!